Thanks for your participation in 201. The power to reach the lost is gained from resting in Christ! I pray that all of us will continue to learn to walk with the Lord and to be friends with the lost!

The best way to learn is to teach! So I pray that you might have the desire to teach someone else or a class how to meditate the scriptures. If you want any files related to 201, please shoot me an email.

谢谢你们参加201的学习. 引人归主的能力来源于常留在基督里面. 我的祷告是我们都可以继续学习与主同行, 与失丧的人做朋友!

最好的学习方法就是教导. 所以我希望你愿意教其他人如何默想神的话语. 如果你需要这两个月的教材, 可以给我来信. 我很愿意帮助你教其他人默想经文.

讲义:10. 默想故事 (3) / 10.Meditate on stories (3)

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yan grace chen · December 3, 2012 at 12:04 pm

Hi there:
I have a strong passion bringing unbelivers to the lord,but I have to confess that I don’t have such knowledge and patience. I feel so frustrated don’t know how to pray for the unbelivers as well as how to help them to know our lord. I tried so hard on myself to be a good witness to the lord,and earn the unbelivers ‘ heart to come to the lord.I try to live holy life as Jesuse’s figure,in order to let people want to know God too. but I always so easily discouraged.I really want to know how to bring an unbeliver to come to the lord. I hope that I’m able to get some help from this story.Thank you so much for a hint of the day,how to discen others with intercede in stead of criticize.Praise God.

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