Salt 监督和指导过很多宣教士。所以有一天,我问他,“你通常给新宣教士什么意见呢?” 他说,“每天与主同行,保持与非基督徒来往!” 这些话给我很大的亮光。

到底什么是与主同行? 属灵的成熟不是一夜之间就发生的。我们不能把“感觉”和“属灵”混淆!

I have known Salt supervised many missionaries. One time, I asked him, “Salt, what kind of advice will you give to a new missionary?” Salt said, “Walk with the Lord and hang out with the lost!” Those words of wisdom and experience really brought sight to me.

What does it mean to “walk with the Lord?” Spiritual maturity just doesn’t happen overnight! Don’t confuse “feeling” with “spirituality”!
Immerse yourselves in meditating and obeying God’s word every day. That’s the beginning of walking with the Lord! When you are walking with the Lord, you would love to hang out with the lost because that’s basically Jesus’ heart to seek and save whoever is lost!

讲义:6. 用画图或者图表来理解经文 / 6. Use chart or drawing

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