门训201(十)默想故事 & 总结

Thanks for your participation in 201. The power to reach the lost is gained from resting in Christ! I pray that all of us will continue to learn to walk with the Lord and to be friends with the lost!

The best way to learn is to teach! So I pray that you might have the desire to teach someone else or a class how to meditate the scriptures. If you want any files related to 201, please shoot me an email.

谢谢你们参加201的学习. 引人归主的能力来源于常留在基督里面. 我的祷告是我们都可以继续学习与主同行, 与失丧的人做朋友!

最好的学习方法就是教导. 所以我希望你愿意教其他人如何默想神的话语. 如果你需要这两个月的教材, 可以给我来信. 我很愿意帮助你教其他人默想经文.

讲义:10. 默想故事 (3) / 10.Meditate on stories (3)


I read something from Oswald Chambers today and find it helpful to identify some of distractions in our daily life keeping us from following Jesus. Just some food for thought.

1) the cares of this world… (Mark 4:19)
2) our passion for vindication. “I want to explain myself” “I must be understood”
3) when we discern that other people are not growing spiritually and allow that discernment to turn to criticism, we block our fellowship with God. God never gives us discernment so that we might criticize but that we might intercede.

讲义:8. 默想故事 (1) & 9. 默想故事 (2) / 8.Meditate on stories (1) & 9.Meditate on stories (2)


我们必须清楚,灵修应该是让我们越来越愿意舍己,背上自己的十字架,天天跟随主。(路 9:23)— 这是自我繁殖的门徒训练的实质!当我们越认识主,我们越清楚他的心意。他的心意是什么? 人子来为要寻找和拯救失丧的人!(路19:10)

“To believe is to commit… But in intimate personal belief I commit myself spiritually to Jesus Christ and make a determination to be dominated by Him alone. ” (Oswald Chambers, My Upmost for His Highest, Nov 6)

We have to be clear, our devotional time should always move us to be more willing to deny ourselves, take up our own cross and follow Jesus. (Luke 9:23) — That’s the essence of reproducing discipleship training. As we know Jesus better, we will know His heart and His will better. What’s His will? He came to seek and rescue who is lost! (Luke 19:10)

I don’t encourage you to do it until you already have a love and habit to meditate the Bible alone. However, there are many extraordinary Christians in history wrote devotional books that are really insightful. When I was in China, I used “荒漠甘泉” (a stream in the desert)a lot; at Seminary, I was introduced to Oswald Chambers’ book, My Upmost for His Highest, which becomes the classic of devotional book.

讲义:7. 灵修笔记 / 7. Journaling


Salt 监督和指导过很多宣教士。所以有一天,我问他,“你通常给新宣教士什么意见呢?” 他说,“每天与主同行,保持与非基督徒来往!” 这些话给我很大的亮光。

到底什么是与主同行? 属灵的成熟不是一夜之间就发生的。我们不能把“感觉”和“属灵”混淆!

I have known Salt supervised many missionaries. One time, I asked him, “Salt, what kind of advice will you give to a new missionary?” Salt said, “Walk with the Lord and hang out with the lost!” Those words of wisdom and experience really brought sight to me.

What does it mean to “walk with the Lord?” Spiritual maturity just doesn’t happen overnight! Don’t confuse “feeling” with “spirituality”!
Immerse yourselves in meditating and obeying God’s word every day. That’s the beginning of walking with the Lord! When you are walking with the Lord, you would love to hang out with the lost because that’s basically Jesus’ heart to seek and save whoever is lost!

讲义:6. 用画图或者图表来理解经文 / 6. Use chart or drawing


“并要以恩慈相待,存怜悯的心, 彼此饶恕,正如神在基督里饶恕了你们一样。” (弗 4:32)


– 上文讲的是什么?
4:31 “一切苦毒、恼恨、忿怒、嚷闹、毁谤,并一切的恶毒,都当从你们中间除掉。” 如果我心里充满苦毒和忿怒,我能恩慈相待吗?我能有怜悯的心吗?难怪我不能饶恕,因为我总是在默想他对我的伤害…

– “恩慈” 到底是什么意思?

– “怜悯的心” 到底是什么意思?

– 为什么说 “彼此” “相待”? 意味着什么?
因为我不仅仅是受害者,我也伤害别人。为什么我只能感受到自己的痛苦,而不觉得别人的痛苦是很痛苦呢? 我也是不完美的,我也需要别人的恩典…

– “饶恕” 是什么意思?

– “正如” 意味着什么?

– 神付出什么代价来饶恕我们?

– 我要以恩慈相待是否需要付出代价?

– 经文对我说什么?

我知道我应该饶恕某人,但是我对它没有怜悯的心。 我对它表面很客气很温柔好像也很和颜悦色,但是我知道我内心深处真的没有怜悯的心。我对它有很多要求和期待。4:31 让我知道我心里还是记着它的不好,因此苦毒和愤怒扎根了。我要处理我的心。

– 我的祷告是:



“Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving one other, just as in Christ God forgave you.” (Ephesians 4:32)

May you allow me to give you an example of my personal meditation on this scripture?

– What is the context of this scripture?
Ephesians 4:31 Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice… Can I be kind and compassionate and forgiving if I continue to hold onto all bitterness and anger and hurt in my heart? No, absolutely not! I need to deal with those in my heart first before I might change my attitude toward the person…

– What does “kind” mean?
– What does “compassionate” mean?
– What does “one another” imply ?

meaning it’s just I need to offer kindness or compassion or forgiveness to others, I myself need compassion and forgiveness too. I am not perfect either. I need others to forgive me too…

– What does “forgive” really mean and imply?
– What does “just as” mean?

– What costs God to forgive me?

He sacrificed His son. Jesus died.

– What will cost me to have compassion for someone else?

I might be hurt or misunderstood.

– What will cost me to forgive someone else?

– What does this scripture speak to me?

I know I cannot forgive someone. I don’t have the desire to seek understanding but always want to be understood. Therefore I don’t have compassion for him. I am kind to him, but have no compassion. 4:31 helps me to see, I allow bitterness and anger to root in my heart. Every time when I think of him or talk about him, I will spill out that anger and bitterness.

– How do I pray?

Lord, the hurt is eating my heart and taking away my joy and peace. Forgive me that I don’t forgive. Lord, take away the bitterness and anger toward the person in my heart. Uproot all those negative feelings about him. Cleanse my heart and set me free!

And honestly, I haven’t finished my homework. I still don’t have compassion for it and still hold anger and bitterness toward it. But I am working on that. So I have Ephesians 4:32 written down on a paper and reciting it every morning and pray with it. I have been doing it for two weeks and I am trusting the Lord to set me free from the sin of an unforgiving heart. Celine’s sharing on Sunday helped me to know that I need to ask God for desire to seek understanding.

讲义:5. 用经文祷告 / 5. Pray with Scriptures


当我刚刚成为基督徒的时候,我读到这样的话,现在我希望可以传递给你; 当然这只是一个方面去理解信心。

我观察到 (彼前 1:25;赛 40:8;太 24:35)生命中任何的东西都有可能改变,惟有神的话语永恒不变!这意味着:

* 神的话语比我的感觉更真实
* 神的话语比我任何的经历更真实
* 神的话语比我将要面临的任何环境都要真实
* 神的话语比世界任何的一切都要真实

我开始清楚地看见,信心不是感觉,而是我们可以选择的 — 从神的话语抓住神。因为这样,我下定决心一生以神的话语为根基。

—- Ney Bailey (Esther 翻译,最后一句不知道如何准确地翻译,请包涵)

When I first became a Christian, I read something that greatly encourage me to learn to take God at His words, and I want to pass that to you.
Of course, this is only one way to look at faith.

Everything in life may change, I observed (1 Peter 1:25, Isaiah 40:8, Matthew 24:35), but God’s Word remains constant! That means:

* God’s Word is truer than anything I feel;
* God’s Word is truer than anything I experience;
* God’s Word is truer than any circumstance I will ever face;
* God’s Word is truer than anything in the world.

I began to see clearly that faith is not a feeling, it is a choice we have – to take God at His Word. As a result, I made a lifetime commitment to bank my life on God’s Word.

—- Ney Bailey

讲义:4. 提问题 / 4. Ask Questions


今天我们练习通过比较不同的翻译版本来理解关键字。其实当你们试图用自己的话语复述经文的时候,我们就在默想经文! 只有当你反复默想该词的意思才会知道用什么词组来代替原来的词。在默想的过程中,我相信圣灵会引导我们学习到我们应该学习的功课。最后要问主,你要我学习什么?我要如何调整我来顺服?

污秽的言语,一句都不可出口,只要随事说造就人的好话,叫听见的人 得益处。以弗所书 4:29

Today we learned to understand key words by comparing different translations. In fact, when we try to paraphrase the verse, we are meditating on the scripture. I trust that when we begin to meditate on the scriptures, the Spirit will guide us into the truth that He wants us to learn. Don’t forget to always ask the Lord, what do you want me to learn today? How can I adjust my life to obey?

Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen. Ephesians 4:29

讲义:3. 比较译本 / 3. Compare Translations




我深信 “信心” 不是感觉而是从神的话语抓住神。

罗马书 6:23 因为罪的工价乃是死;惟有神的恩赐,在我们的主基督耶稣里,乃是永生。

Many years ago when I was a young Christian, I learned a lesson:

Take God at His word!

I am convicted faith is not a feeling but taking God at His word!
Everything on earth can change but His word stands forever!

Romans 6:23 For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord!

讲义:2.圣经的故事 / 2.圣经的故事 English Version


不要被世界的忧虑和财富的迷惑挤住撒在你心中的道, 使其窒息。


从今天开始要每天背诵和默想 诗篇 46:10
当你默想的时候,联系诗篇46 上下文的情景,并且记住问圣灵,“你要教导我什么?”, 然后最后记住要按着经文祷告。


The goal of a quiet time is to walk with the Lord in trust and obedience every day!

This is to remind you to memorize and meditate Psalm 46:10.
When you mediate, connect it with the CONTEXT of Psalm 46, and keep asking the Spirit, “What are you teaching me? “, then remember to pray with the scripture.

Be still, and know that I am God;
I will be exalted among the nations,
I will be exalted in the earth.

讲义:1. 灵修生活的目的 / 201 – 1.English Version